The membership ends in one of the following cases:  

  1. Death of the member.
  2. Withdrawal from the organization, in writing to the executive committee thirty days prior to withdrawal.  
  3. The general assembly has the right, and to decide to disqualify a member from the organization following a suggestion from the Executive committee for one of the following reasons:  

                    I.            If the member committed a grave mistake in applying the laws and regulations of the bylaws, or in carrying out any decision taken by the GA or BOD.

                  II.            I the member behaved contrary to the organization’s goals.  

               III.            If the member committed a Crime.

               IV.            Failure to fulfill any of the obligations and duties of a member.

                  V.             NB:The Board of Directors or the executive committee may suggest to the GA to disqualify a member from the organization for the reasons mentioned in I,II and III, only after he has been warned in writing, given a reasonable time to rectify the damage, and a chance to defend his position.


Ministry of health, federal republic of Somalia World health organization (WHO) World medical association