The general assembly of SMA held its annual conference in Mogadishu on 31st January 2014, the aim of this conference was to present and demonstrate the work plan of Somali medical association in the next six months, also SMA launched the registration program of Somali medical and dental doctors, as well as to enhance the relationship between the management officers and the other members of the general assembly. Also it was important to hear advices and recommendations from the general assembly members.

On the other hand it was great chance for Somali medical association and the executive officers to exhibit its strategic plan, activity and commitment to tackle and solve the health problems that Somali community is suffering and to get supporting hand and advocacy from international organization and UN agencies as well as the local NGOs, since SMA strategic plan is focusing on supporting the underserved population and strengthening the public health system in Somalia.

More than two hundred (200) medical and dental doctors participated in the event as well as guests from different institutions, like MOH, WHO, UNFPA, professional associations, business companies and civil society were attended the conference, and they were excited with the achievements done since SMA re-establishment from last November 2013, and all participants appreciated the proposed strategic plan by the executive officers for the next six months.

The atmosphere of the conference was positive with an excitement; all speeches made by the senior doctors were emphasized on the importance of unity and solidarity among the SMA members and also the importance of the association sustainability to enable protection of Somali physicians and advocacy for their common interests.

Also the representatives from international agencies, particularly WHO Office in charge in Mogadishu Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi has mentioned their commitment towards supporting SMA in different aspects, including facilitating medical research, health surveys and capacity building in general, also he announced that he will enhance the bilateral collaboration between WHO and SMA.

The one-day conference was closed by the president of Somali medical association Prof. Osman Adan Abdulle , and he explained further the strategies, and the work plan of SMA and how it is urgent to implement it on the ground, the president mentioned that SMA is willing to establish telemedicine program which serves the populations in the remote areas who are unable to access health services easily, also the president mentioned that SMA is planning to re-establish the national blood bank of Somalia, which was not functioning in the last two decades.


Ministry of health, federal republic of Somalia World health organization (WHO) World medical association