of Health at Ramada Hotel with the support from National TB program (DoH) and Essential Medicines Program (WHO).

30 Senior Health professionals attended the conference from the Directorate of Health, Health Professional Associations, Academic personnel, Public Hospitals and the private sector.

Dr.MohamedH.Mumin, the secretary general of SMA, Dr.Lul Mahmud, head of social welfare and community mobilization and Dr.AliJimale were attended the conference on behalf of Somali medical association.

The DG officially opened the meeting and the WHO OIC in Mogadishu delivered a heart touching speech on the MDR situation and emphasized the Need to endorse the National Medicines Policy. Presentations were delivered on.

Dr.Lul Mahmud delivered a speech focusing on the importance of implementing national medicine policy and the role of Somali physicians in its implementation and at the end of the meeting, participants agreed on holding general meeting for Somali doctors as soon as possible.


Ministry of health, federal republic of Somalia World health organization (WHO) World medical association